Boating in Lauwersmeer National Park

From wild waves to restful ripples

Fresh or salt water, what’s your fancy? Lauwersoog offers you both. Defy the Wadden Sea's waves or cruise along comfortably over the Reitdiep, all the way to Germany if you want. Take the helm yourself or just relax and join one of the countless excursions.

Sail away

Various excursions start from the Lauwersoog harbours. Climb aboard a rescue boat and feel the G forces during this spectacular ride. Moor just before the ebb, disembark on a sand plate that has appeared from the retreating water and take a walk over the Wad. Take a tour around the harbour in a former buoy-laying vessel. Choose a photo-op tour along the areas teeming with birds. Take the catamaran or water taxi to Schiermonnikoog. Or if your motto is ‘bigger is better’, then take a ferry to this car-free Wadden island. In just 45 minutes you will find yourself in a walking and cycling paradise where every season has its own charms.

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You are the captain

You can rent a boat in many different places, so put on your captain’s hat and set sail to wherever your heart desires. Or maybe you have your own boat?  Bring it along, Lauwersmeer has several marinas. Use the recreation docks as a home base for more day trips or moor for a short time and take a meander on shore.  A short tour on Lauwersmeer is fantastic, but you might be thinking bigger? Sail via the Standing Mast route to Leeuwarden and Groningen from Lauwersmeer. From there you can continue on to the Frisian lakes, the Oldambtmeer and even Germany. Are your boat and your sea legs up to it? Then you are ready for the briny deep of the Wadden Sea.

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