Following the separation of the Zuidbroek and Muntendam churches, a new parish came into being. It was called Veendam, which developed into a town of the same name. The story of Veendam really began after peat extraction started playing a larger role in the region. Located at a strategic position, it had everything going for it to develop into an industrial town. Coastal trade and arable farming became the main pillars for the local economy. The traces from those days are still clearly recognisable, such as in the old peat power station which now houses a thriving cultural centre. In the Veenkoloniaal Museum you can learn all about the town’s history.

Heritage and culture

Go on an exploratory expedition of the town of Veendam to take in the many traces of its past. With over 41 listed buildings, this is not hard to do. Examples include the Neo-Dutch Renaissance-style town hall and the Wilkensfontein from 1934. Then there are the STAR museum trains from the town of Stadskanaal that call in at the station. If you are up for a lovely evening of culture, go to vanBeresteyn Theatre, where national and local performances are held on a regular basis.

The centre

The Veendam town centre has lots more options for a wonderful time. In addition to a large number of shops, there is a fine selection of restaurants for a lovely meal. Fun activities are held at the town squares on a regular basis, such as a charming market on the Museumplein and the Raadhuisplein, where you can stock up on fresh produce.

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