Hongerige Wolf Festival

Performing arts among the sheep

Indeed, Hongerige Wolf (Hungry Wolf) is the name of a village in the province of Groningen. During the art festival of the same name in July, young artists are provided with a stage to perform and exhibit their music, dance, theatre, film, visual art and literature. Take in a concert in a sheep pasture or theatre on the dyke and dance in a backyard.

From a straw bale

Bands, art, dance, theatre, DJs, good food: find all this and more at the Hongerige Wolf Festival. The festival’s line-up is very diverse and the programme does not just include well-known names. Instead, this festival is all about new talent and features artists in the broadest sense of the word. Bands, soloists, theatre, visual art and literature: all of these are included in the programme. So sit yourself down on a straw bale, get a drink and enjoy.