Events in the city and province you should not miss

Groningen has more events than you could ever dream of. Eurosonic, Noorderzon, Paradigm; all well-known events both in the Netherlands and other countries. And there are plenty of events throughout the province as well, such as party-potatoes at the aardappelfestival (potato festival) and Terug naar het Begin (Back to the Beginning) featuring intimate performances in medieval churches. Or quirky artists in the Groningen village with an equally special name: Hongerige Wolf. Come and live it up. ​

Eurosonic Noorderslag

January - In churches, schools, halls and pubs throughout the city: for four days, the city will be all about celebrating music. With over 40,000 visitors every year and a line-up of over 350 bands from 31 European countries, Eurosonic Noorderslag is the best place to discover new music.

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March - If you would like to take in a wintry festival with a summer feel, be sure to go to Grasnapolsky, where that sense of being barefoot on the grass is combined with the warmth of an open fire. In a former strawboard factory in the middle of the countryside, learn all there is to know about nature, history, architecture, art and music.

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Terug naar het Begin festival

May - Groningen churches guide your way during the annual Terug naar het Begin (Back to the Beginning) Cultural Festival. During a long weekend in May, these ancient buildings will be the stage and backdrop for art, music, stories and theatre. Map your own route and set out on a cultural exploratory expedition.

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Hungry Wolf Festival

July - Indeed, Hongerige Wolf (Hungry Wolf) is the name of a village in the province of Groningen. During the art festival of the same name, young artists are provided with a stage to perform and exhibit their music, dance, theatre, film, visual art and literature. Take in a concert in a sheep pasture or theatre on the dyke and dance in a backyard.

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August - Dance to the beat while surrounded by the industrial backdrop of a former sugar refinery. Paradigm is one of the most versatile and innovative electronic music festivals in the Netherlands, and will make fans feel right at home. This feeling cannot be created or understood, but instead must be felt and experienced.

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August - For eleven days, the Noorderzon festival is considered the highlight of the cultural summer in Groningen. Every year, in August a colourful collection of artists and performers invades the attractive Noorderplantsoen park. Noorderzon is now recognised as the festive start of the cultural season and a wonderful end to the summer holiday.

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Pura Vida

August - Simmer down by the Oldambtmeer in Blauwestad and be entranced and moved by one of the best concerts of the year. Once a year, the Noord Nederlands Orkest (NNO; North Netherlands symphony orchestra) plays the Pura Vida open-air concert, which is free for everyone to enjoy.

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