Martinitoren treasure hunt

Martinitoren tower-keeper for one day

You are sure to feel it in your muscles after climbing almost 300 steps up the Martinitoren. But rest assured: there are options for breaks to view its ancient interior. What would those bells weigh? And why do Groningen residents refer to the tower as the Old Grey One? Climb up there like a real tower-keeper to find the answers.

Investigate like a tower-keeper

In former days, a tower-keeper would be at the top of the tower. He lived in an adjacent cottage. His job was to climb all the way up every day to see whether there was a fire in the city and check if enemies were approaching. If he detected danger, he would blow his horn and ring the bells. This was his way of warning everyone. He was familiar with every stone of the tower and each roof in the city. Do you think you can climb and watch as he did? Check it out and ask for the treasure hunt when you're buying your tickets to the Martinitoren. Smart puzzlers will be rewarded by the current tower-keeper.