Quality and classics in listed buildings

The shopping street that connects the Grote Markt and the Rademarkt is a chain of listed buildings where fashion, lifestyle items and home trend items are sold. If you are up for a drink or something to eat, the Oosterstraat has plenty of options, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Quality first

What immediately strikes you as you walk past the shop-windows is the fact that quality is of paramount importance in the Oosterstraat. For decades, people have come from far and wide to visit the Kaashandel van der Leij cheese shop and the H. Witting & Zoon hat shop. Newer shops combine modern lifestyle and fashion in a surprising way. BIEN, for instance, is a concept shop that combines an industrial ambiance with a Scandinavian touch. Don’t forget to take in KOKOTOKO where you will find a selection that is mainly fair trade and organically certified.

Busy around the clock

If you want, you can spend twenty-four hours in the Oosterstraat without a dull or hungry moment. Start the day with a roll and enjoy the afternoon with a drink in a café. Have an evening meal at the Four Rose’s Mexican restaurant or the Hotel Schimmelpenninck Huys, both of which are highly recommended names in Groningen. Later in the evening, enjoy a beer and an alternative rock concert at the Vera pop music venue. Satisfy your night-time appetite with some kebabs or other snack. Groningen city life does not stop, ever!