Graanrepubliek day walk

Where grain used to line the horizon

This is where it all took place: the large-scale cultivation of grain, the wealth of gentleman farmers and the friction that caused the gap between rich and poor. An 18-kilometre walk through the Oldambt countryside demonstrates the region’s turbulent history. In summer, the fields are still filled with grain, colza and sugar beet.


The walk takes in various giant farms with palatial-looking fronts of houses. These were the homes of wealthy gentleman farmers over a century ago. The cultivation of grain brought enormous wealth, and some farms in the region were surrounded by gardens that featured winding paths and all kinds of splendour to show off the owner’s prosperity. The labourers, on the other hand, did not profit from these golden years.The battle between the poor and the rich and the rise of communism can be seen at various places. How often did you take the Hamer en Sikkellaan (Hammer and Sickle lane)? You will if you take this walk.