Walk the most famous trail of the Netherlands

If you would like to cross the Netherlands on foot, your journey will start or end in the Groningen village of Pieterburen. The Pieterpad ends at the Sint-Pietersberg in Maastricht, 500 kilometres away. You could naturally opt to walk one or various of the three stages to explore the province of Groningen. We do not expect you to go all the way to Limburg, because we are happy to have you.

Reitdiep Garnwerd

Villages in pastures

From Pieterburen, it is a 12-kilometre walk to Winsum, followed by 21 kilometres by the meandering Reitdiep to the city of Groningen. Vast fields and pastures with grazing cattle alternate with attractive artificial dwelling hill villages with narrow streets and small-scale activities. There is always a hospitable café for a break and a drink after which you can put your rucksack back on and continue the route.