Pronkjewail path

Wander hospitable Groningen on foot

Enter that distinctive church, taste some authentic mustard or take a bite from an old Groningen apple variety. Groningen is filled with enticing places of interest and companies. All doors open to hikers along the hundreds of kilometres of Pronkjewail path. Wherever you are, you are sure to see, hear, feel and taste Groningen hospitality.

Hiking adventure

From cheese dairy to carriage museum and fortress to corn maze: together they make Groningen what it is. And you can only know what this is exactly after you have experienced it. The Pronkjewailpad constitutes a hiking adventure that connects all of these experiences by a path that goes on for hundreds of kilometres through the province. You can choose the Noordroute, the Zuidroute, or both. Entrepreneurs present participants with something extra in each village along the route.

Score all stamps

If you would like to experience Groningen on foot with all your senses, go to the website of the Pronkjewail path to register for this calendar year’s event. You will get access to the route app and a paper punch card. The punch card entitles you to all of the tasty, special and surprising experiences in store for you. You can visit all ‘gems’ along the route and collect the stamps from April to late October.