Forum Groningen

Striking architecture brimming with inspiration

A new building has emerged in the very heart of Groningen centre: the Forum, a meeting place for everyone with a certain curiosity in today’s world and tomorrow’s opportunities. The Forum focuses on amazing and inspiring people through Storyworld, 5 cinemas, the Smartlab, cafés and restaurants, the city library and the highest terrace in Groningen with a phenomenal view and a rooftop cinema.

‘Sparking curiosity’

With its austere silhouette, the 45-metre high distinctive Forum with ten floors and a roof garden has become a permanent part of the city skyline. Escalators make criss-cross connections between the eastern and western side of the Forum. Over the past decade, Groningen residents have had plenty to say about the building. However, everyone seems to agree that the outside certainly sparks curiosity about its interior.