Hoofdstation concourse

Grand hall of lost footsteps

People dash from a crowded train onto the platform. Others move on from the city centre to catch a train. Then all falls quiet and you might not hear anything other than the sound of a child laughing. The grand station hall ensures the Hoofdstation Groningen main railway station is one of the most magnificent passenger buildings in the Netherlands.

Salle des pas perdus

Whether in the early morning or the late afternoon: no matter what time of day, you will see people looking up in the station, admiring the ceiling and impressive tile tableaux by Groningen artist F.H. Bach. The hall is a ‘salle des pas perdus’; literally a hall where footsteps fade away and are lost, referring to the hall acoustics as well as its function. This is and used to be a waiting area where people walk around to kill time and thus more or less uselessly move their feet.