Watery park on historic soil

Whenever the weather is nice, the banks of the ponds in the Noorderplantsoen park are crowded. Would these people be aware of the fact that severe wars were fought here? That hills in the area originated from the ice cap being pushed along? But then again: why think about the history if you can spend some time chilling in the park?

Defensive walls

Walk or jog from pond to pond to explore the corners in the banks that tell the history. In the 17th century, this is where the city’s defensive walls and canals were dug. In the late 19th century, people found that the time had come for something new and an English landscape-style park was laid out on the former town ramparts. The canals were transformed into ponds.

Gather in the sun

The Noorderplantsoen park developed from a sand ridge into a town rampart and distinguished garden to a venue for people of all ages to gather and enjoy art and culture. Whenever the weather allows, students spend their time lounging on the grass at the pond banks and young families enjoy the playground. In late August, the park always functions as the backdrop for Noorderzon, a grand festival with plenty of theatre, dance and musical performances.