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The briny sea air that makes your face tingle, the infinite vistas, tidal channels, sandbanks for miles and the really fortunate people might even get a glimpse of sunbathing seals; mudwalking is an experience like no other. Several organisations put their own spin on this unique activity.



With this mudwalking tour you can experience every aspect that the Wadden have to offer. Beautiful vistas, silence, overwhelming nature and seals in their natural habitat. During the tour the guide will not only explain what you see during your walk, but also explain everything about the origins of mudwalking. organises exclusive mudwalking tours for small groups and mudwalking tours for children. Led by an experienced guide the mudwalkers will get to know an area where nature is controlled by the rhythm of the tides.

De vrije wadlopers

De vrije wadlopers organises customized mudwalking tours: on a small scale and educational. Customized in this case means that they organise tours with different themes, such as poetry tours, photography tours, Mudflats & paintbrush, tours to help develop the teamspirit and many more.

Dijkstra Wadlooptochten

Dijkstra Wadlooptochten offers mudwalking tours for every level of skill. Newcomers can go on a wandering tour, while experienced mudwalkers can walk to one of the Wadden islands or a sandbank.


With Wadgids.NL you can walk to various destinations. You can make a crossing to an island or walk on a sandbar, go on a mudflats or make a special trip to the German wadden region or the border post in the Dollard.

Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen

Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen offers individual tours, crossings and tailor-made arrangements for individuals, families and groups. But there are also trips to (un) inhabited islands.

Wadloopvereniging Arenicola

For the real mudwalking enthusiast there is the mudwalking association Arenicola. For €10,00 per year you can become a member of the association. You will get discounts on mudwalking tours and you will receive the Arenicola bulletin.

Stichting Uithuizer Wad

Stichting Uithuizer Wad organises mudwalking tours starting at the village Uithuizen in the North of Groningen, with the island Rottumeroog as destination. These sporty mudwalking tours take you to areas where you normally wouldn't be able to go to.