Crossing the mudflats

Walking across the seabed

Take a step forward with your right foot to find out your left foot is stuck in the mud. Your legs are black to the knees, and you’d rather look straight ahead to the horizon over the sea and sandbars. Crossing the mudflats is a magnificent and unforgettable experience.

Uncovered channels and sandbars

During low tide, part of the Waddenzee seabed is uncovered. This is the time for birds to fill their stomachs and seals to find a place on a sandbar to be warmed by the sun. It is also the ultimate time to take a walk across the seabed. Your guide will indicate when it is time for a stop and a story, but you will mainly be on the move. The wet sand will pull at your shoes while the wind rushes by. The water will reach as high as your ankles or even higher. There is no way to experience the Waddenzee World Heritage site more intensely.

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