Lauwersmeer National Park

Where nature takes its undisturbed and peaceful course

Of course there was a plan behind closing off of the Lauwerszee in 1969 with dikes. But nobody could have imagined that the Lauwersmeer area would develop into one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Netherlands. This is the only place in the country that features this combination of panoramic views, stunning flora and fauna and so many options for recreational activities.

A paradise for recreation

Lauwersmeer National Park is ideal for water sports enthusiasts. Sailing, canoeing, surfing, kitesurfing, swimming: anything is possible in this untouched area. Set Anchor of your boat on one of the marinas or small islands in the middle of the lake. If you prefer the mainland, there are plenty of options for hiking and cycling to fill various days or even weeks. New themed routes, trips and hikes are included and added each season. Alternatively, decide on your own route and cycle from village to village using the junction network. Every few kilometres, you will stumble upon outdoor cafés with panoramic views over the water.

Horses, cattle and white-tailed eagles

In the National Park Lauwersmeer you can see Konik horses from Poland galloping past. A little further Scottish highland cattle graze contentedly. Everything has been going its natural course here for years. Bird lovers in particular will feel like in paradise in the Lauwersmeer National Park. It is known that the majestic white-tailed eagle is breeding here. What ever else hops, flies and passes by, you can see from one of the many bird watching stations.

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