Attractions in and around Lauwersmeer National Park

Stunning nature where fresh water becomes salt

On holiday in Lauwersmeer National Park? Lucky you! You will not find this combination of infinite views on the horizon, fascinating flora and fauna and so much space for recreation anywhere else. Explore nature and then do some mudflat walking on the Wad, or go land inwards for adventures, nature and lots of animals.

Nature on the Ballastplaat sand plate

The Ballastplaat, a former sand plate, is right next to Lauwersmeer. This young forest is great for walking, even with small children. In some parts of the Ballastplaat you may even come face-to-face with wild Konik horses or Scottish Highland cattle.

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Kiek over Diek

Without dikes, the province of Groningen would be a lot smaller. This may be why you can feel the pragmatic strength of the Groningers so strongly on top of the sea dike. The 90 km Kiek over Diek bike path takes you over, in front of and behind the dike. The views are breathtaking. Cross your fingers for tailwind.

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Wadden Sea World Heritage Site

There is a reason why Lauwersmeer National Park and the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site go hand in hand. You rarely see two such unique nature areas so close to one another. They may not be clearly visible, but 10,000 species of animals and about 250 types of plants live under and just above the water surface of the Wadden Sea. 

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Sushi from the Wad

All those fish, oysters and glasswort… Why wait until all the deliciousness of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is in the shops when you can go out and forage for it yourself? Go on an excursion and forage for your own meal. Fresher than this is impossible.

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Seal safari

Watch seals from close by? Go on a seal safari from the Zeehondencentrum in Pieterburen. The skipper will throw down the anchor somewhere in the Wad where you will enjoy the silence of this area with the group. There is a good chance that curious seals will pop up out of the water near the boat. This is ultimate seal watching.

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If you think nature is boring, then you certainly have never had a snake around your neck? Or stroked a skunk? In DoeZoo in Leens you can see, touch, hear and smell many different animals. What about tasting? Well… how about a worm cookie?

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Mudflat walks

You take a step forward with your right foot, but your left foot gets stuck in the mud. Your legs are black up to your knees. You want to look straight ahead towards the horizon where you see nothing more than sea and sand plates. Mudflat walking is an unforgettable and unique experience.

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Adventurepark Waddenfun

Are you a good climber? Or are you actually a little bit afraid? Either way, at Adventurepark Waddenfun everyone can climb at their own level. Kids of 4 to grannies of 82. The largest indoor climbing park in the Netherlands has a challenge for everyone. Put on your safety belt and climb as high as you dare.

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