With the kids to Lauwersmeer National Park

Bored? Not here! No time to be bored in the Lauwersmeer area. Wherever you go, you can climb and run around in the playgrounds and along walking paths especially suited for children. Or visit the best zoo in the Netherlands.

Climbing and hiking at Lauwersnest

Lauwersnest Activity Centre is the ideal place to start your Lauwersmeer National Park adventure. Kids can build huts and play to their hearts’ desire in the activity forest. Or borrow a net in the centre and catch and admire water creatures. In the covered campfire area you can even toast your own bread in the campfire. Into the wild nature? Various walking routes start at Lauwersnest. The 1.5 kilometre nature path is a nice and not all too long walk with questions to answer and tasks to carry out.

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Search for gnomes on the Kabouterpad

The Kabouterpad (Gnome path) is a fantastic walk that starts at Lauwersnest Activity Centre. In case you are wondering, of course there are gnomes in Lauwersmeer National Park. But only very young children can see them. There are traces of gnomes everywhere: tiny footprints in the sand, wheelbarrow tracks, flattened grass where a gnome has taken a nap. Search on your own or rent a backpack at Lauwersnest. With their cheeks painted red and their pointy hats on, the youngsters can begin their adventure.

Playing in the water park in Lauwersoog

Digging up sand in the water? In the large water park near Het Booze Wijf restaurant in Lauwersoog children of all ages can try their hand at dredging and building. They will learn about the water system while playing. Or at least have fun getting really dirty. Parents can chill out in the sun while the kids enjoy themselves. But don’t forget to take a break to get an ice cream.

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If you think nature is boring, then you certainly have never had a snake around your neck? Or stroked a skunk? In DoeZoo in Leens you can see, touch, hear and smell many different animals. What about tasting? Well… how about a worm cookie?

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