Cycling in Lauwersmeer National Park

Because cycling here is simply amazing

Along Lauwersmeer and over the sea dike: the entire Lauwersmeer area is an almost endless network of bike paths. New paths and routes are added every year. Bring your own or rent a bike from one of the many bike rental points. Headwind? No complaining. The people of Groningen grew up with it.

Routes along the water

Views as far as the eye can see with the magical Groningen sky above. Go to the Ballastplaatbos forest or the Kollumerwaard for nature bordering on fresh water. You may just be lucky enough to meet the Scottish Highland cattle or Konik horses. And be sure to follow the bike path over the Ezumakeeg. Or cycle around the entire lake, the Rondje Lauwersmeer cycling route, for example. A 43 kilometre tour takes you through nature with frequent stops for a drink on a terrace or a delicious fresh fish. Prefer to follow the salt water? Take the Kiek over Diek path and along Lauwersoog dike to Nieuwe Statenzijl, the easternmost point in the province of Groningen.

Mountain biking through the forests

Do you prefer a more rugged route on a mountain bike? In the middle of Lauwersmeer National Park, in the forests of Lauwersoog to be precise, there is a rather rough MTB route. 20 kilometres is of course not a whole day’s tour, but this route over the bottom of the former Lauwerszee will certainly provide you with a technical challenge. Two-thirds of the route is over unpaved roads and the rest is over paved paths. Sand hills have been created in various places where the most sportive cyclists can hone their jumping skills. Het Booze Wijf restaurant and the Lauwersnest Activity Centre, both in Lauwersoog, are handy starting points.