Cycling in Waddenland

Get those wheels turning and enjoy that fresh sea air during a bicycle ride through the Waddenland. Cycle with the wind at your back and explore the special flora and fauna where the land meets the sea. There are routes for every age range, all of them with stunning views of the countryside.

Tour of the Lauwersmeer

The Lauwersmeer area features an extensive network of bicycle paths. The Ballastplaatbos woodland and southwestern Kollumeroord are just two examples. The bicycle path across the Ezumakeeg is highly recommended, as is the Marnewaard, located just outside the National Park. More serious cyclists can take the 43-kilometre Rondje Lauwersmeer route around the Lauwersmeer Lake. It takes in the very best spots in the National Park. Download the route free of charge.

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Zoutkamp children’s bicycle route

A cool 14-kilometre-long children’s bicycle route has been set out in and around the village of Zoutkamp. During this adventure, children are asked to help locals solve various mysteries, with a range of assignments to collect letters. Have you cracked the code? Then you go to the next level!

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LF Kustroute

If it wasn’t for the dykes, the province of Groningen would be considerably smaller than it is now. Would this be why the sensible streak of Groningen residents is so clearly felt from the top of the seawall? The 610 kilometre-long LF Kustroute coastal route runs across and on both sides of the Dutch dyke, 90 kilometres through Groningen. Take in the stunning views during a bracing bicycle ride at the edge of the sea. All you need now is the wind at your back!

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