Rural gourmet bicycle route

Cycling across the fertile clay soil

Groningen residents have known for centuries that the soil by the coast is very usable. First, this is where they constructed wierden – artificial dwelling hills. Later, they dyked in salt marshes; both with the purpose of controlling the land. Residents still profit from the fertile clay soil, and this is a perfect region for kitchen gardens. Cycle through the ancient landscape to taste all kinds of yummy things along the way.

Tasty countryside

The mest en vork bicycle route takes in all kinds of culinary hotspots over a 40-kilometre course. Enjoy coffee at the Landgoed Verhildersum country estate or tea in the Theefabriek, and buy cheese, cookies and mustard along the way. All regional products of course. Some pedalling will reward you with stunning panoramic views and pretty artificial dwelling hill villages.