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Veenkoloniaal Museum


The Veenkoloniaal Museum tells the story of the golden 19th century. Hundreds of inland and sea vessels, plenty of activity along the canal and on land, dozens of shipyards and just as many factory chimneys.
Bourtange fortress


The Bourtange fortress is also referred to as the fortress that was never conquered. The order for the construction of an initial reinforcement to an important passage through the marsh was given in 1580 by the illustrious William of Orange. The fortress was at its largest in 1742. The information centre (the fortress entrance building) is the basis for a visit to the fortress. In addition to a concise visual introduction about the history of the fortress, they provide information about contemporary Bourtange. The Bourtange fortress is open all year, and the restaurants and shops determine their own individual opening hours. An entrance fee is charged for a visit to the Bourtange fortress museums; combined admission tickets are available in the information centre.

DoeZoo Insect World


Boring Nature? Then you have never been to DoeZoo! At DoeZoo, nature becomes an exciting experience.
Aanblick gallery
Aanblick gallery


Works mostly created by artists from the northern part of The Netherlands are on display in this attractive ambiance, such as still lives by Frans Brommer, Sietse Jonker, Derk van Dijken and Jan Brinkgreve. The city and coastal scapes by Groningen Ploeglid artists’ collective member Wouter Okel, the landscapes by Gertjan Scholte-Albers, Jan Jansma, Gerald Schuil and Gerda Onnes and the surprising works by Wout Wachtmeester and Marcel Duran are part of both the permanent and regularly changing collection of Galerie Aanblick. Once a month Marcel Duran creates portraits live in our gallery for prices from €300.00. The portraits in oils with a size of 30-24 cm can be taken home after one hour’s posing. Marcel is famous for his portraits of professors which are displayed in the Academiegebouw university building. Every second Monday of the month Gerda Onnes holds a painting workshop in Aanblick, and the gallery also has a collection of decorating Dutch and French clocks for sale. In addition, Galerie Aanblick has a permanent exhibition in the Fletcher Familiehotel in Paterswolde, featuring many paintings. You are more than welcome at our Haren or Paterswolde gallery.

Museum Mohlmann
Museum Mohlmann


The Mohlmann Museum is established in the historic Muzeheerd and surrounded by a heavenly garden. This private museum has become a popular venue for those who like contemporary realistic and figurative art. It won the Golden Museumkwartier Award in 2017 and 2018, a price by the public fot a very special museum.The museum was set up from this passion and originated through the very realistic paintings by Rob Mohlman. The museum displays work by him, in addition to a large collection of works by other renowned artists. But there are also collections with works from the Middle Ages, The Golden Age and there is a special Cabinet for the youg died Jan Mankes (1889-1920). Three exhibitions per year are held, including, since 1998, the annual Independent Realist exhibition, when about 100 well-known artists show what they are doing, because people simply never get bored with reality... Closed from 23 December until the last Sunday in March.  

A historic experience


What would our lives look like without a car, smartphone, computer, television or microwave? You will find an answer to that question in the open air museum Het Hoogeland. Visitors will experience the atmosphere of the past, in groups or individually.
MOW | Museum Westerwolde


The entirely renovated MOW | Museum Westerwolde is an interesting museum in magnificent surroundings and with changing exhibitions as well as a permanent exhibition with works of art by fine artist and magic realist Lodewijk Bruckman, and different local artists. MOW constantly renews itself by emphasising on changing central exhibitions. MOW has three main topics: art, region and history.

De Groninger Kroon
Groninger kroon


In this authentic working-class home you will find a tea room with Groningen dishes in addition to a gallery.
CBK Groningen
CBK Groningen


Exhibitions, Kunst op Straat (Art in the Streets) and Art Library The Groningen Centre of Visual Art (CBK Groningen) leases out works of art and supervises visual art assignments for companies and in public spaces. They are also responsible for the maintenance of over 400 works of art in the streets and borough of Groningen and hold educational activities and interesting exhibitions. They have extensive digital documentation by professional artists and designers from the city and the province of Groningen. Private individuals, as well as companies, art institutions, artists and schools, are welcome at the CBK. For more information, go to Opening hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 12 –5 pm

Museum Het Behouden Blik


In this smalles museum of the northern Netherlands you will find a glimpse of recognition into our society by means of a large collection of Dutch decorative tins (1880-1980).
Klooster Ter Apel

Ter Apel

In the leafy region of Westerwolde lies a major cultural-historical surprise: the former Crosier Monastery Doumus Novae Lucis / House of the New Light from 1465. The only surviving medieval rural monastery.
Museum Nienoord: manor house and carriage museum
Museum Nienoord: manor house and carriage museum


Museum Nienoord is a luxurious 19th century country seat situated in the province of Groningen in The Netherlands. The museum has a unique collection of carriages of national value. The museum is set in a monumental manor house with outbuildings and gardens. The complex was originally built in 1524. Discover the fascinating history of the manor house and its (noble) residents in the exhibition 'Hidden Stories'. Or visit the exhibition 'You have reached your destination' and experience what it was like to travel by carriage in the 19th century. Don't forget to visit the dome garden cave which is beautifully decorated with shell mosaic or take a guided tour through the museum collection storage.  

Museum De Buitenplaats
Museum De Buitenplaats


Step into the entirely different world of De Buitenplaats Museum in Eelde, housed in a complex that is a high-profile example of organic architecture. Brick walls and overgrown piled stones alternate, flowery garden roofs and multicoloured borders run over into ‘green outdoor rooms’ of trimmed box trees and yew trees. Together they frame contemporary figurative art exhibitions with work from any style, country and time. Amidst all this are the stage events from chamber music to singer-songwriters and from poetry to salsa. The adjacent Nijsinghhuis also opens its doors on a regular basis. A listed building from 1654, in recent decades it has been decorated with interior paintings by Matthijs Röling, Wout Muller, Olga Wiese, Clary Mastenbroek and Pieter Pander.



NP3 is the ultimate platform for exploratory and experimental contemporary art. It has three magnificent locations in the city of Groningen, each with its very own architecture, function and ambiance, varying from the location bur0 Gr0ningen with high, white spaces, to the interactive multimedia 24/7/365 programme eMMa in the architectonic pearl of Rem Koolhaas, and the mobile, industrial, container exhibition space M0Bi with its spacious outdoors. Using its national and international activities, NP3 provides an energetic, sharp, innovative and contemporary programme which includes every discipline. For updated information and opening hours, go to: . Feel free to visit us, all of the locations are open free of charge.   bur0 Gr0ningen Hofstraat 21 9712 JA Groningen +31 (0)50 - 2044 783 M0Bi Voormalig Suikerunie terrein Groningen eMMa Rem Koolhaas Videobusstop Emmaplein Groningen non-stop 24/7   

GRID Graphic Museum
GRID Printmaking Museum


At GRID Graphic Museum Groningen, graphic heritage comes to life in different ways.
Kunsterf Warempel


At Kunsterf Warempel, Annet and Wim provide creative holidays, during these days you can paint, model or spatially design. In addition, Annet regularly collaborates with Wim Huiting on art projects on location.
Archaeology-Geology-Shells-Navigation-Sea aquarium
Archaeology-Geology-Shells-Navigation-Sea aquarium


In four particular museums and a sea aquarium under one roof, visit a stalactite cave and a megalith, be surprised by the variety of shapes and colours of shells, crystals, minerals, stones and ancient fossils: discover the world below sea level in the sea aquarium. Inside the three-metre thick walled bunker dating from the Second World War are aquariums with fish, crustaceans and molluscs from the North Sea and Wadden Sea. There are also magnificent models of ships, ancient ship and navigation items, and paintings, books and photographs which portray the rich maritime history of the Delfzijl seaport town. The Muzeeaquarium is currently closed and scheduled to reopen on October 14, 2017.

Art Gallery and Ard Lending - "Het Kunsthuis"
Het Kunsthuis


Art gallery and art lending 'Het Kunsthuis' is located in the fortified town of Oudeschans. Here you will find more than 1,500 works of art that you can buy or rent. Both art by local artists and internationally renowned names.
Noorderlicht . Studio | Festival | On Tour
Noorderlicht | House of Photography


Noorderlicht is a versatile and international stage for photography and other visual arts.


Storyworld is the newest museum of comics, animation and games in the Netherlands, but it’s also the coolest and the most fun museum to go to.
Northern Nautical Museum


Two historic fifteenth-century buildings at the Brugstraat, the Gothic house and the Canter house, together form the wonderful décor of the collection of the Northern Nautical Museum.
LaKaserna Art Space
LaKaserna Art Space

Bad Nieuweschans

LaKaserna is located in the former Headquarters of the Royal Military Police at Bad Nieuweschans, situated at the Dutch-German border. The Art Space of La K aserna occupies the entire ground floor of the historic building.
Groningen Museum
Groningen Museum


The museum of art and art history in Groningen: paintings, designs, photographies, fashion, installations, applied art and archeology.