Hof van ‘t Hogeland vineyard

High-quality wine from Groningen soil

You may think that wine from the high north can’t be that good, but grapes are successfully grown in Groningen for the production of wine on an increasing number of locations. With plenty of level-headed entrepreneurship, Wijngaard Hof ’t Hogeland succeeded in producing wonderful wines, which are served at various restaurants.

Making a virtue of necessity

The adventure of Hof van ’t Hogeland started in 2013. The old farm of Elma Middel in the hamlet of Groot Maarslag proved to be unsaleable as a result of the earthquakes in the area. Elma simply had to find a solution. She decided to plant two thousand vines of Solaris, Johanniter and other grape varieties on the southern slope of the artificial dwelling hill. This is another a wonderful example of typical Groningen entrepreneurship. Instead of griping about it, she decided to put her shoulder to the wheel. Or, even better put: just get on with it.

Solaris from Maarslag

The results demonstrate that the grapes are perfectly happy in the Groningen climate, where they are grown without the use of pesticides. The white Solaris wine is highly praised. It has flavours of apple and fennel, minerals, a touch of acidity and bitterness and you might even taste the salty sea air. It is no surprise that this wine is served in various restaurants, such as the high-grade Herberg Onder de Linden restaurant in Aduard, ‘t Kleine Oestertje in Oldehove, Grand Café Groningen and Huiskamerrestaurant De Kleine Heerlijkheid in Groningen.