City marking SO6/ Bruchstück für Luigi Nono

In 1990 the city of Groningen celebrated its 950 th anniversary and a contemporary city gate was placed at each main entrance road of the city to mark this.

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Wolddijk 105
9738 AD Groningen
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Architect Daniel Libeskind developed these city gates. The S06 city marking is at the Wolddijk by the N46. It is a monument for death created by artist Heiner Müller and consists of six lying beams that together represent a map of the world. The beams indicate war centres in red dots. The artist asked composer Nono to write the music to go with the work of art, but unfortunately Nono died prematurely. Müller had ‘Bruchstück für Luigi Nono’ engraved in the natural stone tower to commemorate his friend.