A young city brimming with fun and ambition

Groningen is young. But where can you really experience this energy? Find a place among the bicycles on the Academieplein square and look around. This square at the Broerstraat between the Oude Boteringestraat and the Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat forms the epicentre of the Groningen university city.

Academieplein square

On one side is the Universiteitsmuseum (University Library) where hundreds of students come to study all day during their examination period. On the other side, on the stairs of the Neo-Renaissance style Academiegebouw, you might see someone who has finished with study. Someone may be kneeling on the square to take a  picture of the newly graduated student and his or her family and friends. Then they move on to a pub or café to celebrate. There are plenty nearby because the Academieplein square is surrounded by cafés, pubs and places to eat.

Pubs and faculties

No matter where you are, when you throw the proverbial stone at the Academieplein square, you will experience the energy students exude from any direction. On the way to the Harmoniegebouw, another university complex, you see various trendy cafés and places to enjoy lunch. Be sure to take a walk towards the Grote Markt to take in various faculty buildings and students’ unions. Order a beer and snack at the Dinercafé Soestdijk or enjoy a quick meal at the Uurwerker. Planning a pub-crawl? Just take your time, because Groningen has no fixed closing times.

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