Busy market surrounded by architecture

Market workers shout out their wares while cyclists wind around pedestrians. People buy lunch in the Korenbeurs or enjoy some fries or cod parings. The shops, bars, cafés and restaurants in the historic buildings around the market are warm and welcoming. The Vismarkt is a hive of city activity.

  • Vismarkt

Fish and more

Your nose will certainly notice it as you walk over the grey clinkers among the gulls and pigeons at dusk. Since the 15th century, the Vismarkt has been the place where fish is traded. Today, much more is available here: on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, the square is filled with stands where fish, meat, bread, vegetables and fruit are sold. This is the place to be for a bag full of apples and cauliflower at bargain prices, or to stock up on exotic herbs and forgotten vegetables. If you are in for some more shopping, simply continue to the best shopping street in the Netherlands, the Folkingestraat.

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