Swimming in Eemsdelta

Eemsdelta features a few very special swimming locations, which are perfect for a cool dip in summer or an icy one on a crisp winter morning. Spread your towel on one of the sea beaches or swim in a unique saltwater pool near Loppersum. 

Delfzijl beach

Delfzijl – From the Delfzijl centre, walk right to the town’s beach for a lovely dip in the Eems river. Afterwards, chill out on the sand and build yourself a sandcastle – or even the Eemshotel. One tip: construct your work of art on an artificial dwelling hill to make sure it’s safe when the water rises. 

Termunterzijl beach

Termunterzijl – When you cross the dyke at the Zeestrand family campsite in Termunterzijl, you’ll come directly to a Wadden Sea beach with plenty of options for a wonderful time. Take a dip in the sea, do some kitesurfing or enjoy a brisk walk. The beach also opens up to the village centre where you can sample some delicious fish. 

KP Zijl Zoutwaterbad

Loppersum – Loppersum features a very special saltwater swimming pool. In 1933, the Zoutwaterbad K.P. Zijl was dug manually. The water is pumped from a 112-metre-deep well, after which it’s heated naturally by the warmth of the sun. The salt water has a calming effect and is very beneficial for skin. After your bath, have a stroll in the sun on one of the dykes, or play some volleyball on the sports field. 

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