Heritage and culture Eemsdelta

From a monument for the best-known singer from Groningen to an exploratory expedition into the world below sea level: let us introduce you to the various locations in the Eemsdelta region with a huge variety of heritage and culture. 

Monument Ede Staal | De Paal van Staal

Delfzijl – In 2001, a 10-metre-high monument was unveiled for Groningen’s all-time best-known singer, Ede Staal (1941-1986). The statue is located on the dyke in Eemsdelta and is also referred to as ‘de Paal van Staal’ (the Pole of Staal) in popular speech. Although he died in Delfzijl, Staal lived at various places in the province, which was obvious from the varied Groningen language he used. A stainless steel band is coiled around the column, and is inscribed with lyrics from one of his largest hits: ‘Credo- Mien bestoan’ (Creed – my existence). 

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MuzeeAquarium | A new world

Delfzijl – In the MuzeeAquarium, explore an entirely new world below sea level. This surprising contemporary museum is a very special mixture between a natural-historical and cultural-historical collection and an aquarium. Located safely within the three-metre-thick walls of a WWII bunker, these aquariums display all kinds of fish, crustacean and molluscs from the North Sea and Wadden Sea. The collection is supplemented with beautiful model ships. Old ship utensils and objects, paintings, books and photos provide an intriguing glimpse into the history of Delfzijl port. It’s sure to appeal to all ages.  

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Amsterdamse School | Groningen-styled Amsterdam

Appingedam – Like many other places in the province, Appingedam is home to numerous elegant red-brick buildings with lots of details. They were built in the 1920s and 1930s in the Amsterdam School style, but with a Groningen twist. Many schools, churches, farms and in particular houses in Appingedam were constructed in this expressive architectural style. The Reformed church is a perfect example. Although it’s not immediately obvious from the outside, the Amsterdam School style is evident in its interior.  

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De Groninger Zilverkamer | It must be from Groningen

Appingedam – The Groninger Zilverkamer features a silver collection from the 17th through 20th century. With many recognisable and the occasional unfamiliar object, their collection is compiled according to the following motto: ‘It must be from Groningen’. In addition to the permanent collection, the Zilverkamer also regularly has temporary exhibitions, naturally with a link to the province of Groningen. 

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Waterwerken | Icons in Eemsdelta

Termunterzijl – A long time ago, in the days before dykes were constructed, the sea came much further inland. As a result of the long battle with the water, more and more patches of land were reclaimed from the sea. Various water works were constructed to make sure everyone’s feet would remain dry. In Termunterzijl, these works developed into icons of the village.​ 

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