Whatever your age, preference, taste or style; the Westerkwartier has great options for shopping. The number of shops may leave you somewhat spoilt for choice, so we decided to make things just that little bit easier for you by listing some highlights. From wooden toys to Scandinavian interior design items, you’ll find all this and more. ​

Drost HoutenGoed | Sebaldeburen

Toys and games are for every age, so be sure to include Drost HoutenGoed in your shopping spree. Taking a serious interest in sustainability, they sell wooden toys and games only. From doll’s houses and balance bikes to puzzles and beads: anything you buy here is guaranteed to last for years. They have a webshop as well as a physical shop in the village of Sebaldeburen. It’s also where you can have a name engraved on their wooden items for a lovely personalised touch.  

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Bakkerij Jager | Grijpskerk

Baker Jager was once proclaimed shop of the year in the Westerkwartier, for obvious reasons. They sell the most delicious bread and are locally known for their poffert – a Groningen speciality. Poffert is a ring-shaped bread-like delicacy prepared with a bain-marie. It’s served with sugar and melted butter. Come in for that break from your bicycle ride and enjoy a drink and yummy treat.  


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Akokkrijthe | Grootegast

One of the last things you might expect is a piece of Scandinavia in Grootegast. The Akokkrijthe design shop sells Scandinavian products only. From clothing and home interior items to gifts by top designers, come and immerse yourself in Scandinavian luxury.  

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Moes&Moes | Zuidhorn

If only every day was a Saturday… the day when the Moes&Moes furniture shop is open. Their combination of new and trendy home interior accessories and vintage, aged items ensure a lovely ambiance. Light, of Scandinavian origin, sturdy and industrial, what’s not to like? If you’re not sure whether pieces of furniture go with your current interior, don’t worry, because they are happy to provide some styling tips and advice.  

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Sparkelz-creatief | Zuidhorn

Creative fashionistas take note! Sparkelz-Creatief in Zuidhorn has everything you could possibly want or need for knitting, crocheting, embroidery and any other craft work project. Whether you’re looking for new materials or some inspiration, they have it all. Margriet, the shop owner, has written a few books about products and techniques she is happy to share with you. 

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