Frolic and explore the great outdoors of Westerkwartier. There’s the Nienoord park with over fifty attractions and plenty of activities for a great day. Come along on a wonderful ostrich safari in Boerakker, or play some glow-in-the-dark miniature golf at the Postwagen. There are just so many adventures to be had in the Westerkwartier.  


Barefoot path

Opende – The village of Opende features a very special path: the Blotevoetenpad barefoot path. As the name says, this is the place to take off your shoes and socks before setting out in an area filled with mud, water and grass. Clamber over tree trunks or swing across ditches with a rope. Rainy days can be good news here, because it’ll make even MORE mud! Hammocks and benches have been installed for if you need a short rest.  

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Nienoord family park

Leek - The woodlands near Leek are home to a place where each and every child is sure to have a best time ever: the Nienoord family park. There are so many options for a great day out here. Get on a tractor, blow off steam in the playground and cuddle the animals in the petting zoo. With over 3.5 kilometres of rails, this park also features the longest miniature railway company in the Netherlands. If it’s warm, you can go to the subtropical swimming castle for a lovely refreshing dip.  

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Oldekerk - The Oldekerk duck decoy features a lovely natural playground with stepping poles and an exciting suspension bridge over the water. Learn more about ducks at the decoy cottage before enjoying a lovely picnic. Then it’s time for the wooded bird-watcher’s wall: the perfect place to check out birds. If the playground is just that little bit too exciting for your young ones, take the Kabouterpad gnome path in the wooded area. The Parels children’s route in the Westerkwartier will also take you to the decoy.  

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Party en evenementencentrum de Postwagen

Tolbert - Go with your family – or better yet, take all of your relatives to the largest events location in the north of the Netherlands. De Postwagen has so many options for a lovely time. Explore the glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course, the sensational ‘Science fiction laser game’ and the Escape Rooms. Venture out into the great outdoors on a hired VETbike or Moonwalker for a cross-country race through the Westerkwartier. You will surely have worked up an appetite with all this excitement and exercise, so off you go to the extensive and yummy buffet or for a meal at the à-la carte restaurant.  

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Struisvogelboerderij Boerakker

Boerakker - With their long necks and massive eggs, ostriches are simply fascinating. At the ostrich farm in Boerakker, you can see them from up close and even try a little cake made using ostrich eggs. After your visit and guided tour, you’ll know all there is to know about ostriches. Oh, and go on an ostrich safari! Armed with an information sheet, set out to feed the animals and view the emus and rheas – both large bird species that resemble ostriches – from the watchtower. Continue your exploratory expedition and look for eggs or feed the ostriches and alpacas. Conclude your visit in the shop where they sell lovely ostrich products. The farm is open from April through October. 

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