Children's outings in Westerwolde

Go on a quest for dinosaurs in the wooded area, hop on the train for a journey by steam engine, or walk with cuddly donkeys. Westerwolde has so much to explore and discover for young adventurers. Wonderful for children and parents alike, go on a light exploratory expedition to learn more about the region.​​

Wonderwereld | A marvellous world

Ter Apel – Deep in the Ter Apel wooded area lies a fairy-tale world named Wonderwereld, featuring Greurt the Groningen giant, Tante Beppie the witch and Zwammer the little mushroom man. This is also where you’ll find a variety of animal species, from ring-tailed lemur to owl and various other birds of prey that feature in their daily raptor show. Explore the secret corridors in the Drakengrot, leave off some steam at one of the many playgrounds and set out on a park quest. This magical world has something for everyone.

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Dinopark Tenaxx | Finding dinosaurs

Wedde – Triceratops, Velociraptor and naturally the Tyrannosaurus Rex: see all of them from up close in the wooded area of Dinopark Tenaxx. See how the trees and animals evolved during a million-year time frame. Visit the exhibition that features replicas, dinosaur skeletons and skulls and take in showpieces such as the four-metre-high skeleton of an Albertosaurus and the life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. In the Krijtwoud, find one of thirty live-sized dinosaurs. Can you hear them roar?

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Hedgehog and gnome path | Small footprints and prickly animals

Sellingen – Were you aware that gnomes live in the province of Groningen? You’ll see when you walk the gnome paths in Sellingen. Zoom in on the tiny footprints in the sand, prick up your ears and listen to gnome stories. Sling a knapsack over your shoulder, put on a red pointed cap and blend right in. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a real gnome. Alternatively, venture out to the hedgehog path in the wooded area of Sellingen. This is where hedgehogs lead the way for you to do various tasks.

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STAR museum railway line | An unforgettable journey

Stadskanaal – If you’d like to go on a journey in a historic steam engine, you have come to the right place. Hop on a STAR museum railway line train and go back in time. Blow off some steam, literally and figuratively, during this journey from Veendam to Stadskanaal and vice versa. After a wonderful ride, go to the museum to learn all about the history of the railway line, watch a film about the steam engine or take your place in the engine driver’s seat. This fun day out suits people of any age.

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Ger’s Ezelstal | Walk with the donkeys

Vriescheloo – The wooded areas near Vriescheloo allow for a very special walk indeed. This is where you go on an adventure with a cuddly donkey. Ger’s Ezelstal houses eight donkeys, two of them mini donkeys. Follow one of the various walking routes that have been mapped out. Lengths vary between 4.5 and 12 kilometres, leaving plenty of time and options for a lovely picnic. No problem if you’re not that much of a hiker: at Ger’s ezelstal, you can also simply spend an hour cuddling donkeys or doing some yoga on site.

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