Space and tranquillity in Westerwolde

Look around and take in all that space and tranquillity of the Westerwolde area. The combination of silent countryside and friendly villages makes you forget all about adrenaline rushes. You can’t help but unwind and relax. Just try it.​

Slower is better

Find peace and space in Westerwolde and return to a healthy pace of life. Westerwolde has the international Cittaslow quality mark for small-scale towns that score high on qualities such as environment, hospitality and regional products. Most entrepreneurs are visibly proud of this mark. Come and see for yourself in the various villages. Take some time for yourself, inhale all that fresh air in the countryside, and relax.



The village of Bellingwolde developed on a sand ridge during the Middle Ages. You can see its age-long history as you stroll along the Hoofdweg fringed with historic manors and farms. Conclude your day with a walk through the H. Kemperpark with beautiful copper beeches, chestnuts and an English-style path.


Now this is one of those places perfect for nature lovers to put on their walking shoes and set out on a lovely hike. From here, head for Smeerling, a hamlet consisting of eight farms separated by scenery. Alternatively, walk to Ter Wupping, a rural estate characterised by a farm and stream valley landscape. Look closely… you might just spot the rare ortolan bunting singing bird.


The characteristic village of Wedde developed beside the tranquil little river Westerwoldse Aa, surrounded by charming natural landscapes and the historic landscape with ancient plots of elevated arable land. The village is also accessible by boat. Alternatively, board one of the ships in the harbour to head out and take in some local scenery. The Wedderbergen – a lovely 60-hectare area that features a campsite, holiday park and recreation lake – is located just outside the village in a wooded area. Take a well-deserved break from the daily grind and come visit.


Sellingen is the perfect place to go for those who’d like to take things a little slower for a bit. With all the space and quiet you need, this village on raised arable land features the ‘theatre of nature’ at the Dennenweg. The interesting stairs that lead to it display no fewer than fifteen poems. Once you reach the top, you can ‘set’ your own scene of the surrounding landscape by adjusting the revolving stage frame. Stay a little longer and explore the adjacent Sellingerveld scenic area. Take in the celestial blue waters of the three large lakes – it’s not hard to imagine yourself in the Caribbean here.


And then there’s Vlagtwedde – another lovely place to spend some time. Take some time to enjoy beautiful scenic beauty on foot or by bike: ancient sand ridges, woodlands and pastures full of flowers alternate with old Saxon farmhouses. In short, the beautiful meadows along the Ruiten Aa are truly delightful. 


Oudeschans – the smallest fortress village ever – developed in 1593 during the Eighty Years’ War. Over two centuries later, in 1814, the fortress was abolished, but the structure of the village did not change much. Go back in time and follow the marked route across the former defensive walls, by the old Westerwoldse Aa and through the enchanting fortress village. Be sure to visit the Vestingmuseum to learn all about the history of these fortifications.

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