Westerwolde from the water

Take to the water to experience Westerwolde from an entirely different perspective. Sail the dead straight canals that were originally dug for the purpose of peat shipping, or venture out on a river to meander through the scenery. Take a boat and create some waves in the Westerwolde waters or go fishing and wait for the float to go under. There are lots of adventures to be had on the water.


Westerwolde features numerous lovely sailing routes, so be sure to take your boat and sail the canals as the captains did in days long gone. You will pass through villages that developed as settlements along the peat shipping routes. These beautiful villages and scenic areas in Westerwolde are equally enjoyable to explore by boat. Traverse wooded areas and moor at the impregnable fortress of Bourtange. The Routebureau website provides a variety of charming routes through the region.

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The Westerwolde countryside is nothing short of stunning, especially if you take a moment to contemplate. Take your rod and do some angling by the Westerwoldse Aa or one of the other good fishing spots. Enjoy the silence and glistening waters, take in the waving reeds and passing dragonflies while you wait for that fish to reel in. The Westerwolde waters feature a huge variety of fish species, from eel and pike to bream. Angling fans have come to the right place here.


Take those paddles and hop on a canoe or kayak available for hire at various locations in Westerwolde. Sail through the Ruiten Aa scenery and explore the countryside during an active outing. Steer your kayak through waters fringed with reeds.

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