Tschumi pavilion

The Tschumi pavilion was designed by the deconstructivist architect Bernard Tschumi and was part of an art exhibition in the ‘90s in Groningen. Five architects were invited to the city to design temporary pavilions, but this one remained standing.

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Hereplein 3
9711 GA Groningen
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In 1990, the Groninger Museum held the ‘What a Wonderful World’ event, for which five architects were asked to design a pavilion for showing videos. The pavilions were designed at various locations in the city, and two of them have been retained: Rem Koolhaas’s bus stop on the Emmaplein square and this one on the Hereplein square, designed by Bernard Tschumi. The pavilion consists of an elongated glass and steel construction placed on a concrete foundation causing it to slant considerably: on one side the pavilion rises two metres above the ground. The glass construction includes walls at right angles, dividing the space in five parts. Since 1995 the Tschumi pavilion has been managed by the Tschumipaviljoen foundation. Artist’s projects are realised here on a regular basis, with an emphasis on work using modern media.