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Verlengde Oosterstraat 11
9711 EN Groningen
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Waiting need not be boring. It can also be a good time to quietly look around, think things over or check your mobile phone for new messages. Graphic designer Peter de Kan realised a work of art below the Oosterbrug for people coming from the city centre who have to wait for the bridge. He applied the poem ‘Gestadige beweging’ by Werkman under the bridge, the aluminium letters of which hang from one point and gently sway when the bridge opens. Werkman is known mostly from his paintings and printed matter and less from his literary work. His sound poems are light and playful and are about sounds more than content. He combined existing words and English and French words into some kind of mumbo jumbo, as a result of which people waiting always see and recognise something else under the bridge, no matter how often they have to wait…