Secret life in a Public Body

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The more than life-sized sculpture by Henk Visch is a bronze figure of a man who stretches forward while resting on his fingertips, providing the pose with tension. Visch’s sculptures are not easy to interpret. They have poetic beauty and invite personal interpretations. His works are mainly characterised by mysteriousness, which is enhanced even more by the titles, as in this case.  Secret Life in a Public Body  refers to ‘a secret life’, but does Visch’s public body refer to his sculpture or its location? And what exactly are these secrets? The work of art was in the Westerhaven underground car park for five years where it took the place of exactly one parking space. It was in striking contrast with the glossy vehicles. On 31 March 2009 it was relocated to the square of the Voormalig Klein Poortje at the Oosterhaven.