Hiking in Eemsdelta

Hike through this area dotted with manors and historic churches. Breathe in that fresh air and enjoy that special landscape and architecture. Visit a Spanish church or follow your own route using junctions. The Eemsdelta region is perfect for lovely walks, so put on those walking shoes and get going. 

Pronkjewail path

Doors magically open to hikers of the Pronkjewailpad, hundreds of kilometres long, so they can enter that intriguing church, taste authentic mustard or take a bite from an apple of an old Groningen variety. Groningen just has so many enticing places and objects of interest and companies. See, experience and sample the province’s hospitality everywhere you go. 

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Long-distance walks

The 240-kilometre-long Groninger Borgenpad traverses the province, taking in many of the province’s characteristic manors. Divided into stages of about 12 kilometres long, the walk takes you to the Wirdum artificial dwelling hill and the beautiful Ekenstein rural estate. 

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From the north of Groningen, head for Santiago de Compostela. The Jacobspad path is connected to the ancient trail to this place of pilgrimage. Meandering through the characteristic Groningen countryside, it continues through the province of Drenthe and then further south. 

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Damster walks

If you are into puzzles, riddles, mystery and hiking, you really should do the Damster Wandelingen. Go on an adventure through the intriguing historic Appingedam city centre. Learn about a mystery before you go off. Do the puzzles and look around very carefully to solve the mystery. But then again, with its rich history, beautiful characteristic streets and green parks, Appingedam is a lovely place for a great walk at any time. 

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Junction routes

Step into those hiking boots and follow your very own mapped route. The Routebureau Groningen has the handy hiking network available to create your very own walk using junctions. Simply include the locations you wish to visit and follow the white arrow between blue and red signposting. The choice is entirely yours. 

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