Protected rural area

The eight farms that comprise the hamlet of Smeerling demonstrate that size is not decisive for beauty. They were established in the 18th century, after it became clear that the Onstwedde lands no longer provided sufficient food. The area still has the appearance and atmosphere of those days, not in the least because Smeerling was designated a protected rural area.


The Gasterij Natuurlijk Smeerling is located in one of the renovated farms where guests eat whatever is cooked. With a heart and dedication to a healthy environment and lifestyle, they use plenty of sustainable and regional produce. Enjoy a delicious lunch in Smeerling, followed by some shopping. Smeerling Antiek has a beautiful collection of new and authentic products in addition to items that certainly deserve a second life.

Hiking in greenery

Smeerling is surrounded by vast areas of unspoilt scenery that allow for wonderful walks. The Metbroekbos near Smeerling and the Liefstinghsbroek in the vicinity of Weende are both remnants of the Westerwolde primeval forests: moist wooded areas featuring old, special and rare plant and tree varieties. The Netherlands has just few scenic areas as varied as in this part of the Ruiten Aa. Follow the meandering brook through the area and take in all the surprises this landscape has to offer.

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