Historic centre

In 1856, after the Stadskanaal canal to the city of Groningen was dug, it soon developed into one of the busiest waters in the Netherlands. Smart entrepreneurs turned the bustle and delays on the water to their advantage and established shops and cafés by the canal. This is actually how Stadskanaal developed. When walking through the centre, you can still see the traces of its early days. In the Streekhistorisch Centrum, learn more about the interesting history of the canal region.

Art and culture

Water and trains have put Stadskanaal on the historic map. Where goods trains used to run, today you can experience the age of steam locomotives up close with the STAR's museum railways. Hop on for a ride to Veendam and immerse yourself in the history of the railway line on the border of the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe. A bit further on, in Stadskanaal, is the former 43-metre-high water tower. Built in the Amsterdam School style, this is one of the region’s true icons. In addition to items and traces from the past, Stadskanaal also provides a platform for later styles. One example is the giant murals on various blocks of flats that lend colour to the town.


Shopping in the centre

Until today, Stadskanaal features a huge variety of shops by the water, some established ages ago. In the centre, find store chains next to local entrepreneurs selling wonderful items and selections. If you could to with a break, simply choose one of the many outdoor cafés.

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