Land of farmers and fisherfolk

Waddenland is truly a region of producers and people who brave all the elements to get the most delicious products on your plate. From free-range meat and fresh vegetables from Uithuizermeeden, to shrimp from the Wadden Sea, everything is produced locally to put in just that extra little bit of flavour. Let us introduce you to the land of farmers and fisherfolk.​

Meet the producers

The Wadden Sea farmers and fisherfolk are proud of what they produce. Milk, spelt, potatoes, shrimp and eel: they have a strong preference for fresh food straight from Groningen land and the sea. Feel free to look in the cowhouse, visit an old orchard and pick some apples, get on board a shrimp cutter and see what the work at an eel smokehouse is like. Learn about the producers and see where your food comes from.



Uithuizermeeden – The Eemstuin is located on the edge of the Wadden Sea. The ultra-fresh vegetables grown here are used to compile baskets farmers deliver to homes in and around Groningen. Everything comes straight from their garden, so their baskets change with the seasons. With the odd forgotten vegetable included, they certainly challenge you to experiment.

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Gaele Postma eel smokehouse

Zoutkamp – Zoutkamp was once an important fishing port but lost this function after the Lauwerszee was closed off. However, the village never lost its atmosphere of a traditional fishing village and is still the place to be for fresh fish. Go to the Palingrokerij Gaele Postma eel smokehouse in the harbour to sample some. Although the port changed with the times, the fish has remained just as delicious.

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Kloosterburen – The Hero Havenga de Poel family company grows their organic crops beside the Groningen Wadden coast. This soil – perfect for connoisseurs – produces Landgoud spelt, mustard seed, hop and white currants. The latter is used for the production of their very special Groningen wine: Blanka. This delicious wine is perfect to go with an extensive meal.

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Wadden pigs

Uithuizermeeden – The suppliers themselves refer to it as good old-fashioned free-range meat, because at Waddenvarkens pigs are allowed to be pigs. They have plenty of space to root around and laze in the dirt. In short, a life without any worries, which also goes for the cattle and chickens at this farm. Even their food is local. Come and taste for yourself!

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Regional markets

Various locations – Stock up on fresh local products at one of the enjoyable regional markets. These are held on an almost weekly basis. Be sure to sample all those delicacies and don’t miss out on local treats at small-scale markets.

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