Groningen Wadden Museums

Six Wadden museums tell the history of the Groningen Wadden coast and the people who live there. One museum takes you centuries back in time, while another has a stronger focus on contemporary history. But they all have one thing in common: the Groningen Wadden Sea coast. Take a journey into the past, featuring dykes and artificial dwelling hills, monks, old-school fishing, village life and the grand Groningen manors and castles. Learn about the history of the Wadden Sea area from various perspectives.​

These are the museums:

Museum Wierdenland

Museum Wierdenland is located near the city of Groningen, in the picturesque village of Ezinge, which in turn is situated in the centre of one of the oldest man-made landscapes of Europe: the Nationaal Landschap Middag-Humsterland. It’s also a place where, over 2500 years ago, people lived on wierden or terpen (artificial dwelling hills). Interesting detail: Ezinge is the oldest permanently inhabited village in the Netherlands. Museum Wierdenland explores this distinctive area, its inhabitants and the battle they fought – and still fight – against the water of the North Sea and Wadden Sea. It’s the only archaeological museum in Groningen, and has a permanent exhibition that features findings from the region, such as a horse grave. They also have six-month temporary exhibitions. Definitely a place to bring your children, because they will learn all about the history as they explore. Done? Then you can consider yourself ready for the real museum: the artificial dwelling hill landscape itself.

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Museum Borg Verhildersum

Museum Borg Verhildersum in Leens focuses on how nobility, farmers and farm workers lived in the 19th century. Its interior looks as if the inhabitants have just left for a minute and could return any time. The exhibitions, the farm, the labourer’s cottage and coach house are all part of a walk – the Verhildersum To Go! Route. Explore the beautiful sculpture garden and estates featuring canals, avenues, ancient crops, fruit varieties and cattle species. Verhildersum guarantees a great day of fun, including for younger explorers. There are tasks to be done and traditional box beds to be tested. And play Lady or knight, of course. Finished exploring inside? Then head out to the garden for some more fun in the playground and to pet the goats.

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Het Hoogeland open-air museum

In an era in which we can hardly imagine life without a car, smart phone, computer or television, the Openluchtmuseum Het Hoogeland open-air museum demonstrates what life was like before these items and gadgets were introduced. The museum is located in the centre of a village in the heart of the north of Groningen, where visitors feel like they have briefly gone back in time. Have a look in an old classroom, a grocery shop, the house of a day labourer or one of the other buildings: all designed according to the style that was common a century ago. See and feel the past come to life at Openluchtmuseum het Hoogeland.

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Zoutkamp fishing museum

The Visserijmuseum Zoutkamp fishing museum is located in a listed building by the old inland port. This historic building, typical of the area, provides a glimpse into the history and development of fishing in Zoutkamp. Go back to the 20th century and inhale the smells of fish, tar, wood and diesel. Experience what things were like on the water as well as in the homes of hard-working fishermen’s wives. Outside, in the courtyard behind the museum, imagine yourself walking among the fishermen of those days in the fisherman’s house of Siegerlida. Moored in front of the museum are two seaworthy fishing boats.

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Menkemaborg manor

The Menkemaborg manor is one of the most beautiful manors in the province. Although the last inhabitants left a good few years ago, the ambiance here is such that you feel as if a carriage could turn up the gravel path any minute. See its lovely authentic 18th-century interior, and be sure to explore the stylish gardens, moats and an avenue. The rose tunnel opens up to the kitchen garden, and the fruit garden features a labyrinth.

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Sint Bernardushof monastery museum

The village of Aduard developed between the city of Groningen and the Wadden over the remains of what once was one of the largest monasteries in the north of Europe. The village shows many signs and traces of the Abbey and the monks. One of the oldest Aduard houses (dating from around 1600) has been transformed into the small-scale and charming Sint Bernardushof monastery museum. Come and learn all about the intriguing history of the monastery and how the monks influenced the Groningen surroundings. Their 3D walk provides an idea of the actual measurement of this monastery. Children are also sure to have a great time here, exploring the herb garden to collect the ingredients for medicinal potions, or baking Roman bricks.

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