The Westerkwartier area has plenty of options for some great outdoor active fun. Explore the area on horseback, challenge family or friends to play farmers golf (a variation of regular golf), or try reaching the other side of a ditch on a canal pole-vaulting route. Consider one or more activities and experience the Westerkwartier your way. ​


The spacious and scenic Westerkwartier area provides all the space required for riding, which is naturally why it’s so popular here. Explore the special countryside of the Westerkwartier from horseback. Riding really is the perfect combination of sport and relaxation. Race across long and extensive paths full speed and continue your way on narrow pathways. Be sure to avoid the low-hanging branches and twigs! The Tourist Information Point (TIP) at Langoed Nienoord country estate has a booklet available with various riding routes. The network of bridle paths is in the process of further expansion thanks to the efforts of the Westerkwartier Paardenkwartier. Mount up and forget all about your everyday hurries and hassles. 

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Zuiderham Boerengolf Aduard

Come to Aduard and play some boerengolf: a sport similar to croquet but played with a wooden stick attached to a clog; a fun activity to do with family and friends. The objective of the game is to get a ball in a plastic bucket in as few hits as possible. That’s about as far as similarities with regular golf go because this game is played in a pasture where cattle and sheep graze. If you decide to play this great game, some old warm clothing and rubber boots are definitely a good idea. 

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The Theetuin Blotevoetenhof jumping pole route

Harmed with a pole-vaulting pole, set off on this challenging route through the southern Westerkwartier countryside. Start your adventure by taking some time at the Theetuin Blotevoetenhof for a drink and snack. After that, the special poles are distributed and you’ll receive a concise explanation. The pole-vaulting route involves fifteen ditches and pools to jump. Can you make it to the other sides dry? Those who are not afraid of getting both wet AND dirty can set out on the barefoot path. If you really don’t want to risk getting a wetting, simply head off on a lovely walk with the teagarden as your starting point. 

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Marum mountain bike route

This exciting 30-kilometre route takes you through the wonderful hedgerow country in the southern part of the Westerkwartier. Starting at the Horeca Centrum Heerlijkheid car park in Marum, it traverses the Slibsterbos and Coendersbos woodlands, where broad-leaved trees alternate with coniferous trees. Part of the route involves surprising country roads. If you’d like to spice things up a bit more, turn towards Jan Dijkzand at the Jonkersvaart. This technical 5-kilometre loop runs through the private sculpture garden of Jan Dijk and features cool obstacles, many forks and hazardous junctions. Enjoy the wonderful track but do pay close attention to the signs. 

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If you are more interested in a lovely dip, go to the Zwemkasteel Nienoord in Leek or Eekeburen swimming pool in Oldekerk to do some laps, join in fun activities such as aquarobics, or simply hang out with the family. Both locations have an indoor swimming pool, so they are perfect for a rainy day. 


After a fun time doing all of these activities, we can imagine you’ll be ready to relax. Come to the Wellnessresort de Waterlelie at the Oudestreek in Zevenhuizen to enjoy their sauna facilities. There’s the chatting sauna for those who really need some time to catch up, or the beautiful, chill salt stone sauna. Afterwards, rinse off under the waterspouts or splashing waterfall, or cool off in the ice-cold plunge bath. Continue with a lovely walk in the large garden, or enjoy floating in one of the swimming pools. If a sports activity has left you with sore muscles, be sure to have a massage or hot stone massage before entering the infrared sauna. 

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