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  • Through the veenkoloniën

    Through the veenkoloniën
    This expedition takes in the special history of the Veenkoloniën (peat district), with its straight canals that cut right through the countryside, infinite ribbon villages with beautiful farms and rich industrial heritage.
    (54.7 km)

  • Along the Reitdiep

    Along the Reitdiep
    This 60-kilometre tour takes in the beautiful Reitdiep or Hunzedal valley. Enjoy charming villages, churches and views of the ancient artificial dwelling hill village. Some destinations on the route are really worth the detour.
    (58.7 km)

  • Art route: 'Off the beaten art'

    Art route: 'Off the beaten art'
    This city walking tour will lead you through the less explored side of Groningen. We’ll venture off the beaten path and discover off the beaten art.
    (4.9 km)

  • A church tour

    A church tour
    This route takes in beautiful churches between Groningen city and Delfzijl. You will find the doors to many of these churches already open to visitors. And if not, you can simply borrow the key from the house next to it.
    (40.1 km)