Along the Reitdiep

This 60-kilometre tour takes in the beautiful Reitdiep or Hunzedal valley. Enjoy charming villages, churches and views of the ancient artificial dwelling hill village. Some destinations on the route are really worth the detour.

Recreational 58.7 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: Evert Harm Woltersweg 27
9831 TG Aduard

Oostumerweg 15
9893 TB Oostum


Bij Hammingh

Hunzeweg 32
9893 PC Garnwerd
The Tea Factory

The Tea Factory

Hoofdstraat 15 -25
9973 PD Houwerzijl

Kanaalstraat 12
9972 PB Niekerk

Hunsingokade 3
9974 SP Zoutkamp

Reitdiepskade 21
9974 PJ Zoutkamp

Teenstraweg 1
9885 TA Oldehove

Kerkpad 2
9883 PK Oldehove
't Kleine Oestertje

't Kleine Oestertje

Schoolstraat 22
9883PH Oldehove

Heralmastraat 1
9886 PG Saaksum

Van Swinderenweg 10
9891 AD Ezinge

Torenstraat 2
9891 AG Ezinge

Allersmaweg 64
9891 TD Ezinge

Zijlsterweg 17
9892 TE Feerwerd

Valgeweg 3
9892 PD Feerwerd

Mentaweg 3
9892 TA Feerwerd
End point: Evert Harm Woltersweg 27
9831 TG Aduard

Take a look

Would you call this a river, or a canal? Well, the Reitdiep is really a bit of both. To complicate matters even more, it actually constitutes the old Hunze, which in turn is the upper course of the Drentse Aa river. The first inhabitants settled in the Hunze valley a long time before the Common Era. The waterway later functioned as a main lifeline for the city for many years. Boats sailed out to sea from here and the Hunze was straightened to keep the lifeline navigable. The river was transformed into a canal, which is particularly prominent between the city and Garnwerd. Further to the north, you will find the Reitdiep meandering through the Groningen countryside as it used to.