Pull on those boots and head out for a lovely hike through the Oldambt, an area characterised by rich history, the traces of which are still clearly seen. Traverse the Graanrepubliek or learn about the leading figures in the Slag bij Heiligerlee battle. The options for hiking are simply infinite.​

Midwolderbos wooded area

The Midwolderbos woodland is located behind the Ennemaborg manor in Midwolda. The ancient area was once used for silviculture – the art and science of managing forests for wildlife habitat, aesthetics and timber production – but today this is a fine piece of Groningen countryside. It was also the very first place in the Netherlands where Konik horses were introduced to graze the area, and you’ll see them during your hike. The south-eastern tip of the woodland features a few ponds where various bird species break their flights.

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Graanrepubliek route

The Oldambt region has a long and rich history when it comes to grain, the successful cultivation of which brought the area great wealth. The invincible gap between the rich farmers and poor farm workers was a fertile breeding ground for communism in the region. Experience this tangible history as you follow the ‘Graanrepubliek’ walking route. The historic footpaths, farmland paths and ancient inner dykes lead you past the best places in the area. As you take in the sights, learn about the wealth of the gentlemen farmers and the tough life led by farm workers.

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Nieuwolda village walk

Take a guided tour through the very heart of Nieuwolda and learn all about the village’s history. While underway, your guide will elaborate on the development of the village, its infinite battle against the water, the monasteries it featured, and the church and farms. Starting at the Museum Stoomgemaal de Hoogte, the route takes about 90 minutes to explore every corner. Walks are held upon request from May through mid-September for €2.00 p.p.

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Slag bij Heiligerlee route

In 1568, a battle was fought at Heiligerlee, initiated by William of Orange who rose against Alva’s cruel actions in response to the rise of Protestantism. Relive the Slag bij Heiligerlee battle during one of two adventurous walks: one in the De Hoogte (Heiligerlee) and one in De Garst (Westerlee). Explore the countryside and learn about the main figures of the battle. The route includes a booklet and an app. The booklet is available at the Museum Slag bij Heiligerlee for €2.5

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Winschoten city walk

Take a guided tour of the village of Winschoten to admire its special architecture around the historic centre. The route takes you past the beautiful town hall, three historic mills and many other buildings of interest. Walks are held each Wednesday afternoon from May to late-August at 02:00 pm, departing from the station. Walks are €2.00 p.p. and you don’t have to sign up. Groups can book a city walk on other days. Winschoten’s beauty is simply astounding

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Rest points

When you’re ready for a break from your tour through the Oldambt, be sure to check out one of the rustpunten (rest points) that dot the region. Rest points are self-supporting locations along bicycle routes and trails where cyclists can get some well-deserved rest. Enjoy your cup of coffee and cake and leave a donation. View the rest points in the region below.