Outdoor and active fun in Westerwolde

Set out in Westerwolde and see all it has to offer. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, mountain biking or spending some time on the water, Westerwolde has plenty of options for a wonderful day. Wait no longer and explore this region from your very own perspective.​


This green area is just perfect for a lovely hike. Explore its primeval wooded areas or walk out to one of the lakes. The Stichting Wandelen in Westerwolde has set out no fewer than forty trails in the area, varying from 1.5 to 16 kilometres. Simply choose a route that suits you and take in some of the Westerwolde gems.

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Explore the Westerwolde countryside and varying landscapes by bike. Choose one of the many bicycle routes and get those wheels turning through the ever-changing scenery and charming villages. Lengths vary from 14 to 47 kilometre, so there is a suitable route for everyone.

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Mountain biking

Meandering bicycle paths take you through a wooded area. Suitable for mountain bikes only, simply choose one and head out for a rough BMX race. With over two hundred kilometres of paths, the Westerwolde mountain bike network is the longest in the Netherlands. The ultimate combination of strength, endurance, coordination and technique guarantees an unforgettable ride through the Westerwolde countryside.

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On the water

Take to the water and see Westerwolde from an entirely different perspective. Sail the dead straight canals that were originally dug for the purpose of peat shipping, or venture out on a river to meander through the scenery. Take a boat and create some waves in the Westerwolde waters or go fishing and wait for the float to go under. There are lots of adventures to be had on the water.

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