Jewish monument (Sterrebos)

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Hereweg 128
9722 AA Groningen
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The Jewish Monument that commemorates the over 3,000 Jewish Groningen residents who were killed during World War II is located by the Hereweg and on the outskirts of the Sterrebos park. Eduard Waskowsky’s work of art was never completed: he died before he could finish the hand on the seventh pedestal, leaving the last pedestal empty. Each hand shows its very own emotion: the first is a clenched fist that expresses anger, while the second stretches upward in faith. The candlestick-shaped opening in the palm of the hand represents the menorah, the seven-armed candlestick that is a symbol of the Jewish people. The three hands standing express despair while the two lying hands symbolise sadness and resignation. The irregular wall of concrete blocks in the background refers to Judaism eroded by Nazi terror.